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In addition to multiple development projects that we have implemented for our customers and partners, we continuously pursue our own research initiatives and development projects. We incorporate our experience gained from these into future projects and thus increase efficiency during development. We never get tired of learning and constantly develop our competencies further.

Our employees are happy to share their know-how with you in our Expert Blog. We bundle this knowledge into the following reports, highlighting technology and solutions.

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Reading time: 3 min.

Ensuring successful outsourced engineering projects

How do you ensure success of your outsourced engineering project from the start?
Usability study for medical devices
Reading time: 3 min.

Usability study for medical devices

Preventing safety related use-errors or harm to the user using usability studies.
Reading time: 4 min.

Why event-based software architecture?

This article explains the event-based software architecture, its advantages, & possible disadvantages for the development...
Expert Blog Architekturprozess
Reading time: 4 min.

The systematic creation of a system and software architecture

This article deals with the development of a good system architecture...
Reading time: 5 min.

Additive manufacturing - reliable enough for medical technology?

For a customer's device, a dynamically rotating system was developed within a short period of time...
Reading time: 4 min.

Know what you don't know

Typical classification algorithms assign a class to every sample, even though that sample may be far off...
Samping time
Reading time: 4 min.

Sampling: not faster than necessary

When designing or optimizing the required computing power of control systems...
IMT Selection and Recruiting
Reading time: 4 min.

IMT Recruitment and Selection

At IMT, we lay great importance to sustainable and qualitative growth...
Reading time: 4 min.

Avoid the top 10 code generation mistakes

This article helps you to avoid the top 10 code generation mistakes.
TPDM Valve Image
Reading time: 12 min.

Modelling Thermodynamic Process in Gas Systems

Thermodynamic process models are an important tool in the development of control loops and controllers for...
IMT Teststände
Reading time: 6 min.

Developing (semi-)automatic test stands

This article deals with the planning and development of production test stands with a focus on three main aspects.
IMT AG Product Development
Reading time: 9 min.

Embedded Systems – “from A to Z”

This article summarizes the basics of embedded systems, which IMT has been working with in development projects for 30 years.
IMT AG Electronics
Reading time: 5 min.

CFD simulation and thermal management in R&D

The thermal management is a key aspect in the development of any electronic product. This article deals with the following …
Reading time: 5 min.

Validation of computer systems in quality management systems

The validation of software is required by standards and legislation....
Besprechung eines Gerätes
Reading time: 6 min.

Architecture documentation: Best practices

Contrary to popular belief, a system or software architecture does not usually consist of “just one image”...
Arbeit am Computer
Reading time: 5 min.

Traceability for medical devices

The article elaborates on Traceability requirement in Medical Device development process.
Reading time: 5 min.

Information Management in the System Development Process

Trustworthy and up-to-date documentation is ESSENTIAL to the quality and efficiency of work
Besprechung eines Projektes
Reading time: 4 min.

Model-based methods in system development

Model-based methods offer ample potential to make system development effective...
IMT Dataflow Embedded Software
Reading time: 5 min.

System- and Software Architecture in Embedded Systems

The terms “system”, “design”, “architecture” are often not clearly defined...