Interdisciplinary collaboration on E-bikes

IMT E-Bikes

Interdisciplinary cooperation is crucial for a smooth project flow. IMT employees are known for their ability to look beyond the surface and to view collaboration with other specialist not as a necessary evil, but as an opportunity for personal development. The fact that this is not just theory, but is actively lived, is shown by the joint teambuilding events.

This week, the industrial automation team joined forces with the signal processing team to go on an e-bike tour under the motto “Fish and Bike at Lake Walen”. FIrst the team went with e-bikes to the 2000m high Maschgenkam, surrounded by the Glarus and St. Gallen mountains. This was followed by a rapid descent. First over the moderately difficult Red Fox trail directly to Prodalp and then on the Blue Salamander to Tannenheim. And since the batteries were still half full, the teams spontaneously decided to pedal hard again to do an extra lap.

While the daredevils tackled the direct and technically demanding descent to Unterterzen, the others roared at over 60 km/h to Flums, and from there returned to the starting point via the Raischibe. There, in full satisfaction, the rented e-bikes were returned. Later with a fine Cordon Bleu or with exclusive fish from the Weisstannental, our experts for industrial automation and signal processing let the eventful day at Lake Walen come to an end.