Customized medical air compressor for GE Healthcare

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Starting situation

GE Healthcare commissioned us to develop an air compressor to supply anesthesia workstations and ventilators. IMT previously developed an air compressor for imtmedical– a former sister company.

Objective of the project

The new air compressor must meet the following objectives:

  • Its new shape should allow the air compressor to fit into GE Healthcare’s existing ventilator equipment cart.
  • Worldwide approvals are essential
  • Serviceability needs to be greatly improved
  • In terms of configuration, the air compressor must be adapted to the client’s requirements
  • Compressed air quality must be improved and adapted to the client’s requirements.

Technical implementation

Earlier developed compressor for imtmedical was used as a starting point for the project. Compressed air quality was improved by replacing the output filter device with a new filter device, including fine filter, and activated carbon filter. The IMT software team simultaneously adapted the firmware of the device to tailor it to GE ventilators.

The mechanical design and pneumatics were completely revised and optimized in terms of air quality and efficiency. In addition, technical production aspects were also taken into consideration.


The medical air compressor meets all the necessary requirements. Thanks to its new, efficient design, it was possible to optimize production in line with well-known lean manufacturing processes. Productivity increased by over 100%. The standard-compliant design made worldwide approvals possible—including in the USA.

“We are very proud to have had the opportunity to develop a Class IIb medical device for a global company like GE Healthcare. As confirmed by GE, the compressor developed by IMT is currently the best device on the market.”

Harri Friberg, Managing Director

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