New embedded computer - quickly and smoothly implemented for the anesthesia workstation

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Starting situation

The electronic components in medical devices often have a very short life cycle. This involves a lot of expense for the manufacturer associated with product maintenance:

The user interface (UI) of our client’s anesthesia workstation was developed by IMT several years ago and is based on an embedded computer from the industrial technology division of F&S Elektronik Systeme GmbH. The company has announced that this embedded computer will soon be discontinued. The client has built up a stock of the remaining embedded computers and was thus able to continue manufacturing in the short term.

Objective of the project

To replace the obsolete embedded computer and ensure UI compatibility, perform necessary tests and supply documentation.

Technical implementation

After situation analysis we concluded that it was not necessary to develop new UI software due to the possibility of replacement of embedded computer with a pin-compatible new model by the same manufacturer. This resulted in a shorter time-to-market and enabled the end user to keep the familiar UI. It was also possible to avoid expensive usability tests.

Since the new embedded computer also uses a newer version of the same operating system, a few of the driver controls had to be modified and new configurations were required. Due to the new runtime environment, complete verification of all functions was necessary, which we were able to complete in a short time.


Even before our client had used up all its remaining inventory of older-generation embedded computers, we were able to deliver the updated UI software including the required documentation. This provided our client with enough time to incorporate the change into production and ensured a seamless transition without interrupting production.

“The minimally invasive modification involved in this project resulted in a short lead time and ensured our client’s ability to produce and deliver.”

Beat Keller, Head of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Management

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