DATAFLOW Studio – Development tool suite for embedded devices

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Starting situation

Over the past 30 years, IMT has implemented numerous challenging projects in the field of embedded systems for medical technology devices and for industry. During various projects, we noticed repeatedly that certain process workflows were hardly – or not at all – covered by the development tools currently available. Potential for improvement was also identified in the communications between the various teams and clients. IMT wanted to close this gap and initiated a project to develop a development tool suite. Our know-how from decades of development work was to be drawn upon.

Objective of the project

DATAFLOW Studio was intended to optimize the development process of embedded systems in highly regulated environments, such as medical technology, the automotive sector, and other branches of industry The software provides a systematic approach to the planning, development, and automation of certain work steps. This increases quality, improves serviceability, and reduces project costs.

Technical implementation

The DATAFLOW Runtime is implemented in C++, the DATAFLOW Designer is developed with .NET and the very flexible WP-UI interface. This makes it possible to develop a user interface that is tailored to the problem solution and at the same time reduces unnecessary overhead.

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After several years of development, the current DATAFLOW version 1.6 is ready for product launch. Several internal and external projects have already been implemented with DATAFLOW software (i.e. a surgical microscope or a wound therapy device). Feedback from IMT’s developers and customers has been very positive.

“It was super exciting to implement the Dataflow project. From low-level embedded programming in C++ (runtime), code generation, model-based development and MVVM desktop application with C#/.NET, the project combines many facets of state-of-the-art software development.”

Marco Wülser, Project Manager

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