Facelift and functional extension for a proven measuring device

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Starting situation

CITREX Flow analyzers are small, battery-operated gas flow and pressure meters for medical technicians, service providers, and manufacturers of anesthesia machines and ventilators. As the measuring tasks and test sequences have become more complex, there was a call for a larger display and new features. In addition, our clients want to save their test results online without having to connect the device to a PC first. The proven measuring technology with the corresponding calibration services should remain unchanged as far as possible.

Objective of the project

A significantly larger display should facilitate the use of the device in the field. In addition, a new user interface with touch controls is intended to replace the small display and the four buttons. An additional Wi-Fi interface will enable wireless data connection and the uploading of test results to the Dropbox Cloud. The battery life should not be shortened despite the larger display.

Technical implementation

An additional electronics board has been added to the electronics system to control the new display. An additional processor calculates the measurement data and is responsible for the graphic user interface. The additionally generated heat is directed to the exterior of the device via the aluminum housing and dissipated. The display is integrated in a mechanically stable way and can nevertheless be replaced very easily and quickly for repair purposes.


The display assembly of the existing flowmeter was replaced with a high-resolution 4.3-inch touch display. The electronic measuring system did not have to be adapted for this. The touch control with Android GUI platform now enables the installation of apps that provide the service technician with pre-programmed, device-specific test sequences. The battery capacity has been adapted to compensate for the greater energy needs of the new GUI platform. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, software updates and new apps can now easily be made available to clients.

«Using the latest technologies and providing clients with optimal benefits—we have once again exceeded those expectations with this project.»

Dario Kunz, Electronic Engineer

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