Battery-operated patients monitor with data logging

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Starting situation

Our client, a manufacturer of medical equipment for patient monitoring, requires a special model in small quantities. The device was aimed to test a new measuring principle in selected markets. The results were to be incorporated into the manufacturer’s future models. Due to the small number of units (<100), the client decided to forego an elaborate user interface for the time being. Instead, a commercially available device was used as a basis.

Objective of the project

The goal was to develop an easy-to-use, wireless device without mains connection that can measure with various sensors the patient data and record it for subsequent analysis. The device is to be developed in a short time and at low cost.

Technical implementation

IMT kept development costs down by combining tried and tested partial solutions and software libraries to create a new system design. The plastic housing was produced with the low-cost vacuum molding process which delivers accurately fitting and good-looking parts very quickly, even without expensive tooling.

A rechargeable battery was integrated with enough capacity for an entire day. In addition to eliminating the need for a power connection, this approach simplified compliance with EMC requirements and regulatory approval in terms of electrical safety. The data are transmitted via a Bluetooth interface to a conventional tablet for viewing and subsequent analysis where they are displayed by a Windows application. As a result, one screen with two buttons and a few status LEDs suffices as a user interface for the device.


IMT developed the device, built 80 units in our own prototype production center, and delivered the tested devices to the client. Thanks to the very simple and thus low-risk design, the devices passed the electrical safety and EMC tests on the first attempt. The deadline was met, and the project was within budget.

«We accepted the client’s ambitious timeline as a challenge and were able to meet that challenge by using our previous know-how, while creating a new device.»

Benno Bieri, Business Development Manager

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