Secure remote monitoring system for ventilated patients

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Starting situation

Patients require ventilation not only in intensive care units, but also at home and in specialized care facilities. The condition of these patients does not need to be monitored round the clock by medical professionals. However, for optimal therapy, ventilator readings must be checked regularly so that the device settings can be adjusted if necessary.

Objective of the project

A system is to be developed to enable medical staff to view the current patient values and long-term trend data easily and regardless of location, from either a mobile device or a PC. It should be possible to transfer the data easily, without the need to install complex technology. Thanks to secure remote monitoring, patients should be able to be discharged from the intensive care unit more quickly and transferred to a more comfortable environment In turn, this can relieve the medical staff in the intensive care unit and increase their flexibility.

Technical implementation

The Bernina remote monitoring system is directly connected to the ventilator. This supplies it with power and the relevant ventilation parameters and data. The data are encrypted and transmitted via the cellular network to the cloud, where statistical analyses are conducted at 15-minute intervals. The calculated values and alerts are displayed in the browser and viewed by medical staff. As a result, the ventilator information can be accessed using a PC, tablet, or smartphone without needing to install any software.


«Remote Patient Monitoring Bernina» is a cloud-based remote monitoring IoT system that collects and encrypts data from ventilators and securely transmits it to a cloud platform via the cellular network.

Bernina provides the user with the ability to analyze respiratory parameters, 24-hour data and trend data of up to one week. The system also records patient reviews and patient evaluations. All data are encrypted and stored anonymously and securely. All data are encrypted and stored anonymously and securely.

See the video about bernina – Remote Monitoring for Medical Ventilators on YouTube

«Unlike conventional patient monitoring systems, Bernina stores all data in the cloud for analysis. The statistical analysis of the data provides clinical staff with important additional information to provide the patient with the best possible treatment.»

Simon Rüdt, Signal Processing Engineer

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