Converter tool for BELIMO Automation AG

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Starting situation

The company BELIMO is a market leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution of field devices for the regulation and control of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. To develop HVAC controller software in an actuator, BELIMO uses a model-based approach for high-end products. This approach allows for efficient developments that can be implemented by building services specialists in the field. For high-volume production, the existing models must be converted so that they can be run on cost-efficient hardware without compromising quality. The tool chain and development process must allow for short development times in order to meet the needs of the agile market.

Objective of the project

A converter tool is to be developed to translate models into real-time capable and efficient C++ code. This should automate various processes and thus enable error-free and fast development of new firmware.

Technical implementation

The converter tool parses the models written in XML and translates them into C++ code. Data to be made available on the communication interfaces can be defined using an additional XML file. The resulting C++ code is integrated into an IAR project (compiler) that can be run directly by using the SWAP framework (Software Actuator Platform). The SWAP framework has been developed by IMT for BELIMO earlier.


The converter tool has now made it possible to develop a drive solution graphically in the model without any knowledge of XML or C++. The converter tool makes the development process easier, faster, more secure, and less expensive. The high-performance and deterministic C++ code promises high quality and reliability every time.


«The converter tool has really simplified our development process. Today, I can’t imagine development without the converter tool.»

Remo Züger, Embedded Software Engineer

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