Over the past 30 years, we have implemented numerous development projects in the fields of medical technology, industry, and device and systems engineering. Below you will find a selection of our projects. Some of our customers wish to keep their collaboration with IMT AG confidential. We respect this wish and have anonymized the project descriptions.

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Medical technology

Device and system engineering

Software solutions for Industry

Wound therapy device

Air compressor

Process control system for the packaging industry

Visualization platform for chemical production

Patient monitor

Anesthesia workstation

Humidifier for patient ventilator

Surgical microscope

MR-compatible ventilator

Patient ventilator

Therapeutic retinal laser

Vaporizer for bees breeding

Development tool for embedded software

Software solution for building engineering

Gas flow and pressure gauge analyzer

Vascular therapy devices

Cloud-based remote monitoring IoT system

Ventilation controller for building automation

Process control system for the food industry