Software solutions for industry

We design and create custom solutions for your operations – especially your production.

The cross-technology integration of machines, systems, databases, and IT systems into an optimized process is decisive for increasing the efficiency and value creation of your operations.

Regardless of the industry and tasks, thanks to our interdisciplinary expertise, we are a one-stop shop for the conception and implementation of custom integration solutions. Even in a regulated environment, we comply with all applicable standards and regulations. Your requirements are the focus of our collaboration and we will work to implement them efficiently using our technical tools.

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Process control system for the packaging industry

Visualization platform for chemical production

Process control system for the food industry

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Franz Egle
Business Development Manager
Industry Software Solutions

Business applications

We can create inexpensive, scalable business applications that meet your needs thanks to the IMT Enterprise Application Framework (IMT EAF).

Our solutions are designed for reliable continuous service and support add-ons without interrupting ongoing operations.

We use numerous technologies and standards and interact smoothly with your existing systems and equipment.


Process control systems/Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

IMT Factory provides you with an independent and scalable process control system/MES. It is easily integrated into your system environment—from a single-station display to a multi-tier client/server system. The individual modules, such as recipe, alarming, batch processing, and user administration, are based on our IMT Enterprise Application Framework and are fully customized to your requirements. Unlike other solutions on the market, IMT Factory offers a lot of flexibility and features low maintenance costs.


Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence solutions provide you at all times with the relevant information and key performance indicators to increase efficiency and further develop your business model. We integrate data from different systems and make them available either in the cloud or in your own IT infrastructure.

IT system integration

In addition to software engineering, we can build the entire IT infrastructure for our customers upon request. In addition to network engineering and IT hardware, our range of services includes numerous software solutions, such as virtualization and back-up.



We have successfully implemented more than 500 projects for over 100 clients,
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