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Startup services

Launch your idea with IMT as a competent partner at your side for concept creation, product development, transfer to manufacturing and worldwide registration.

True to our credo: making ideas work.

To launch a product as a startup is no less than an adventure with many challenges to deal with on all levels. With technology changing rapidly and having to focus your efforts on pre-launch marketing and sales activities, it may not always be feasible to develop your device with an in-house team.

What is the alternative?

An innovative, reliable and fast development partner with over 30 years of experience and comprehensive expertise in high-tech product development.

Our product development services for startups

While launching a new product, teams usually wonder what it takes to convert their visions into successful projects. Learn how our services can provide you with an end-to-end product development solution which can greatly accelerate your time to market.

1. From idea to concept

From Brainstorming to a new innovative concept. IMT has developed over 500 projects for our customers - our experts can support you from idea generation to a concept design.

2. Concept validation & development roadmap

Analyze functional prototype and evaluate design concept. IMT reviews and validates design concepts to create a proof of concept, simulations, functional prototypes and elaborates a development roadmap for you.

3. Requirement engineering and test strategy

Prevent wasted efforts with our tool-based requirements engineering approach. We help you to define system and software testing strategies to avoid costly project delays.

4. Calculation of development & production costs

We help you to calculate development and production costs. Benefit from our 30 years of R&D experience to optimize your processes and reduce your project expenses.

5. Definition of system & software architecture

Streamline your system architecture and profit from our expertise in hardware- and software development. For embedded software development, benefit from our in-house DATAFLOW Software Suite and Embedded Runtime application.

6. Evaluation of components & suppliers

Let us evaluate and verify your key product components and identify suppliers to ensure an efficient prototype development and easy and reliable transfer to production.

7. Device regulatory approvals and registrations

Mitigate risks and remain compliant. Our regulatory affairs and quality management experts know the regulatory requirements, especially applicable to medical devices, worldwide and will assist you in getting your devices successfully registered.

Startup services

8. Design transfer for series production

Make your design transfer a success! Our experts help you establish and maintain procedures to ensure that your device designs are correctly translated into production specifications and assembly process. We can advise on the selection of contract manufacturers for your product.

Startups IMT has developed for




STIMIT AG, founded in May 2018, is dedicated to "Empower Patients to Breathe" - breathing in the ICU. STIMIT develops non-invasive technologies to stimulate the diaphragm to maintain its function even during ventilation. In the future, this may allow patients to breathe on their own sooner to avoid unnecessary care costs.
STIMIT Website



Bottneuro aims to become a leading provider of diagnosis and device based, non-invasive electric stimulation therapies for Alzheimer disease (AD). Our NENI® neuromodulation platform technology enables a fast and reliable validation of novel stimulation protocols targeting glial cells which play an important role in the progress of AD.



“Proterris is a small clinical stage, life sciences company with limited resources. We found IMT to be the ideal partner, working with our funding tranches without sacrificing quality or increasing our development risk or timelines. We could not be more pleased”. - Joseph Wager, VP Strategy & Business Development & Jim Potenziano, CEO


Why startups trust IMT

IMT is a Swiss engineering company and has been turning customer’s visions into reality in the fields of medical technology, industrial applications, device- and system engineering for more than 30 years. Innovative, reliable, and fast.

Over 100 highly qualified employees and engineers work at IMT to ensure that your vision is turned into an innovative product – ready for market success. We employ the latest technologies and development tools to ensure products meet future demands.

We love what we do and aim to build long-lasting partnerships. At IMT you receive personal service – we are very proactive, reliable and reachable when we work with our customers.

Our in-house regulatory affairs and quality management team collaborate regularly with the international standards committees and have access to a wealth of know-how. They will guide you through our regulatory strategies for new projects to ensure a successful product registration and certification.

At IMT we are flexible and adapt to the tools and processes of our customers. This ensures a flawless transfer of documentation and developed systems back to your company.

Waste is never a good thing – whether it’s money, time or resources. Due to our lean structures at IMT, we can act and react agile to our customer’s needs and project demands – creating more value for our customers. We created a smarter way of working and a culture that is as efficient as possible.

Our standardized development process is divided into the successive phases of the V-model. It ensures that the process runs smoothly. We also work in accordance with current medical technology standards and regulatory requirements:

  • MDR and 21 CFR Part 820 FDA
  • ISO-13485 QM-certified development process
  • ISO 14971 Risk management
  • IEC 62304 Software development
  • FDA and IEC 62366-1 Usability of medical devices
  • Medical device cybersecurity
  • IEC 60601 Electrical Safety, EMC
  • IEC 61508 Functional safety

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